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GPB Capital Investor ALERT


Were you sold an investment in the GPB Limited Partnership? Would you like a free consultation as to your right to recover losses associated with the GPB Investment recommendations?

 A recently filed class action alleges that the GPB investments were illiquid, high fee products.

It also alleges that GPB principals engaged in Improper Accounting practices and misappropriated investor funds.

 In February, 2019, GPB Capital offices were raided by law enforcement agents, and GPB has failed to provide its limited partners timely financial statements as it was obligated to under its limited partnership agreements.

FINRA rules require a suitability analysis that securities broker-dealers and analysis when financial advisors recommend investments. The advisor must make reasonable efforts to gather and analyze information about the customer’s other holdings, financial situation and needs, tax status, investment objectives and such other information that would enable the firm to make its suitability determination.

In addition to ensuring that securities are suitable for its customers on an individual level, FINRA Rule 2111 also states that a securities broker must have reasonable grounds to believe that a recommendation to purchase, sell or exchange a security is suitable for the customer.

This customer specific suitability requirement means that in the context of private placement investments like GPB Holdings that the recommendations must be consistent with the customer’s investment objective and ability to bear risk.

 Investment recovery for GPB Investors

GPB investors, they may be able to recover their investment losses in GPB Capital Holdings through securities arbitration. If you are have suffered losses in GPB Capital Holdings, you may be able to recover your losses through securities fraud attorney Howard M. Rosenfield at 800-637-3243 for a FREE & CONFIDENTIAL claim evaluation to discuss your investment loss recovery options.

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