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When to Hire an Investment Recovery Attorney

Investing in securities may be an excellent way to grow your personal wealth and secure finances for your retirement. The average investor puts their short and long term financial security at risk when they unknowingly work with unscrupulous brokers and firms. A security attorney can help you hold the offending party responsible and recover money you have invested.

Do I Need an Investment Recovery Attorney?

An investment attorney will assist you in determining which losses may be recoverable. There is a different between losses due to unpredictable market forces and losses due to negligence, malfeasance, improper sales practices, and broker misconduct such as:

  • unsuitable recommendations;

  • over concentration;

  • financial abuse of the elderly;

  • selling away; and

  • excessive trading.

The above examples of broker / financial advisor misconduct are just a few of the ground to hold your brokerage firm liable for improper account activity. Click here to read more about the various types of claims you may have against your financial advisor and/or brokerage firm.

When to Hire an Investment Recovery Attorney?

If you believe your broker was making improper trades, making risky trades, or otherwise mismanaging your money, its may be time to contact an investment recovery attorney. The legal professionals at the Law Office of Howard Rosenfield have the expertise needed to analyze the financial decision-making process in depth, and spot suspicious account activity on the part of your broker.

Charming brokers may try to give you justifications for their risk taking and try to explain away their failures with your money. Unless you have financial expertise it can be very hard to spot broker misconduct and separate fact from your brokers fiction. That is why it important to have an investment recovery attorney with experience and expertise identify broker misconduct in your accounts - that is why we offer a free and confidential claim evaluation .

If you believe you may have a claim against your broker, call us now and we can help you navigate the complicated world of securities law and help you recover your losses!

Howard M. Rosenfield has been assisting investors and pursuing negligent brokers for more than 35 years. In that time he has seen every instance of broker fraud and financial advisor misconduct imaginable, and helped heartbroken investors recover money they feared was lost forever. If you suspect you may need an investment recovery attorney for any reason, contact us to discuss your concerns, confidentially, for free, at any time.